Everything we ate at Heritage Fire Savannah

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire…and flavor!

The nationwide feast gathers the finest chefs, brands, and family farms for an open-fire, outdoor cook-off. The ultimate goal? To earn the title of ‘Heritage Hero‘ by winning over the crowd with an unforgettable dish. Take a closer look at the winning bite from Heritage Fire Savannah – the pork belly tsukune – as well as other notable dishes, such as the ember roasted whole hog, and the vegan celery root shawarma.

Heritage Fire Savannah Menu

1. BBQ Octopus

By Chef Alex Bollinger with Rhett

Anson Mills baked sea island peas, Benton’s country ham, River Root Farms red frill mustard greens, cornbread crumble, with Alabama white sauce.

2. OKAN Surf n Turf

By Chef Bernard Bennett with OKAN

Charred octopus with grilled lamb loin served over the ancient grain FONIO. Ingredients supplied by Tuten Farm.

3. Cured Salmon Tortilla

By Chef Kareem Alkedy with Southern Cross Hospitality

Cured salmon with blue corn tortilla, Gannon Organic cabbage, tajin spice, and egg yolk jam.

4. Smoked Beef Rib

By Chef Brennan Lowenthal and Jahbarie Polite with BowTie Barbecue Co.

Oak smoked beef rib served on fire-cooked mac n’ cheese, topped with bread and butter pickles and habanero honey mustard.

5. Gourmet Ice Pops

By Chef Judd Wiggins & Mark Taylor with Savannah Square Pops

Gourmet ice pops in four delicious flavors: Milk n’ Honey, Strawberry Balsamic, Blueberry Basil, and Chocolate Covered Cherry.

6. Sausage Stuffed Grilled Squid

By Chef Ryan Whyte-Buck with Folklore/Bellwether Hospitality

Sausage stuffed grilled squid from Marshland Seafood, spaghetti squash, capers, pine nuts, grilled orange & spring onion vinaigrette.

7. Fire Roasted Cauliflower

By Chef Joe Pribelsky with Ardsley station

A vegan dish featuring BBQ-rubbed cauliflower with cumin-spiced sweet potato purée, pickled green strawberries, popcorn shoots, and strawberry lime reduction.

8. Grits & Collard Greens

By Chef Todd Harris with The Garage at Victory North

Grits and collard greens with hoe cakes and collard green chimichurri. Ingredients supplied by Freeman’s Mill and Gannon Organics.

9. Lamb al Asador

By Chef Collin Clemons with 1540 Room at the DeSoto Hotel

Whole lamb from 920 Cattle & Co, marinated and roasted, served with chilean pebre.

10. Pork Belly Tsukune

By Chef Dan Herget with Emporium Kitchen & Wine Market

Savannah River Farms pork meatball, preserved peach tare, roasted pecans, River Root Farms shiso.

11. Grilled Lemongrass Pork Collard Rolls

By Chef Victoria Shore and Rob Newton with Fleeting

Ground Grassroots Farm pork with Vietnamese-style pickle and peanuts.

12. Ember Roasted Whole Hog

By Chef Ashley Cunha with FARM

Ember roasted whole hog from Peculiar Pig Farm with first-of-the-season ramps, shishito, and cracklin’ crisp.

13. Zacahuil

By Chef Daniel Aranza and Felipe Vera with Strangebird

Keegan-Filion Farm pork shoulder, Marsh Hen corn, salsa nilo, escabeche, and crema.

14. Celery Root Shawarma

By Chef Joseph Harrison with Common Thread

Celery root shawarma with roasted celery root, black lime tzatziki, and torshi, on top of pita. Ingredients from Gannon Organics and Growfood Carolina.

15. Porchetta di Testa

By Chef Derek Simcik with 700 Drayton

Fennel and apple slaw with whole grain dressing (gluten free).

16. Walking Tacos

By Chef Derek Simcik with 700 Drayton

Fritos, pork mapo tofu, with traditional toppings.

17. Venezuelan Asado Negro

By Chef Luis Camacaro with Troupial

Slow-cooked eye of round roast and juices, arepa, and cilantro

18. Chicken Heart Satay

By Chef Juan C Stevenson with Late Air

Chicken heart, sweet soy, ginger, peanuts, roasted spring onion chimichurri, garlic, and benne seed flatbread.

19. Oyster Mushroom Satay

By Chef Juan C Stevenson with Late Air

Oyster mushroom, sweet soy, ginger, roasted spring onion chimichurri, garlic and benne seed flatbread.

20. The Darling Duck Wing

By Chef Derick Wade with The Darling Oyster Bar

Woodfire grilled heritage duck wing, sweet peperonata, toasted benne seeds, with house BBQ sauce.

21. Lowcountry Shrimp Salad

By Chef Jared Jackson and Nic Priore with Eden Supper Club

Grilled Dubberly’s shrimp, charred corn, blistered tomato, and TucciGreens cilantro.

22. Smoked Beef Cheek Molé

By Chef Jacob Hammer and Joshua Rawson with Plant Riverside District

Smoked beef cheek, molé “telaverea”, carrot, poblano, and benne seed from Anson Mills.

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