Everything we ate at Heritage Fire Nashville

Welcome to the world of Heritage Fire, where supporting local is the main ingredient.

The nationwide feast gathers the finest chefs and family farms for an open-fire, outdoor cook-off. The ultimate goal? To earn the title of ‘Heritage Hero‘ by winning over the crowd with an unforgettable dish. Take a closer look at the winning bite from Heritage Fire Nashville – the curried lamb dosa – as well as other notable dishes, such as the smoked duck pastrami, pork belly lettuce wrap, and bulgogi tri-tip paratha.

Heritage Fire Nashville Menu

1. Y’all-ki-tori Chicken Thighs

By Team MacHenry’s with MacHenry’s Meat & Three

Grilled bourbon and molasses marinated chicken thighs topped with a jalapeno chow chow over a pimento cheese hoecake.

2. Arrosticini

By Chef Joey Fecci with Yolan

Palmer farm’s lamb, pickled pepper, and basil.

3. Smoked Duck Pastrami

By Chef Jordan Brown with Pastaria Nashville

Duck-fat focaccia, smoked mozzarella, and caramelized onion. Ingredients supplied by No. 9 Farms and Larder Foods.

4. Pork Belly Lettuce Wrap

By Chef Junior Vo with Noko Nashville

Twice-cooked pork belly served with a sweet spicy glaze on a lettuce wrap with pickled peppers. Ingredients supplied by Giffords Bacon.

5. Smoked Duck Pastrami

By Chef Adam Barnes with Southern Spoon

Boneless country-style heritage pork “rib”, wrapped in bacon, smoked and grilled with homemade BBQ sauce, and jalapeno-cheddar corn muffin. Ingredients supplied by Wedge Oak Farm.

6. Fried Bologna Slider

By Chef Adam Barnes with Southern Spoon

Heritage pork and benton’s smoked bacon bologna, leaf lettuce, tomato, homemade pimento cheese, and brioche bun.

7. Banana Pudding “Beignets”

By Chef Adam Barnes with Southern Spoon

Fried vanilla wafer battered bananas, French vanilla pudding, and cookie crumbles topped with powdered sugar.

8. Slow Braised Short Rib

By Chef Adam Terhune with Commons Club

Slow braised short rib, crispy polenta cake, roasted cauliflower, and veal demi. Ingredients supplied by Weisenberger Mills.

9. Tennessee Grass Fed Beef Cheek Slider

By Chef Angelica Ramirez with Little Fib

Ruby fat bottom red ale braised TGF beef cheeks, house spicy milk bun, smoked escabeche, and Little Fib Dusted Beet Chips. Ingredients supplied by Tennessee Grass Fed.

10. Sweet Treats

By Chef Mike Colón with Goo Goo Chocolate Co. Ingredients supplied by Flowers Creamery and Green Door Gourmet.

Campfire Cowboy: Marshmallow crème, speculoos, dark chocolate croquants, and bourbon smoked sea salt.

Nearest Old Fashioned: Uncle Nearest 1884 whiskey caramel, orange peel ganache, and brown sugar nougat.

11. Churrasco Marinated Flank Steak

By Chef Christopher Ayala with Ellington’s

Churrasco marinated flank steak with herb butter braised marble potatoes. Ingredients supplied by Tennessee Grass Fed.

12. Curried Lamb Dosa

By Chef Levi Raines with The Dutch and Carne Mare

Curried lamb dosa, sweet potato, and minted coconut chutney. Ingredients supplied by Palmer Farms.

13. Blackhawk Farms Double Braised Beef Neck

By Chef Jason LaIacona with Miel Restaurant

Double braised beef neck from Blackhawk farms, Rock Bridge farms collard green, blackstrap molasses, and gravenstein apple cider. Ingredients also supplied by Villa Acres and Janie’s Farm.

14. Southern-style “Kushiyaki”

By Chef Kristin Beringson with Henley

Beef from KLD Farm, chicken thighs from Marmilu Farm, and local veggies.

15. Grilled New York Strip

By Chef Dmitriy Kakuschke with Bourbon Steak Nashville

Pomme puree, preserved lemon chimichurri, and crispy salsify.

16. Whiskey Glazed Mini Donuts

By Chef Shauna McCoy with Donut Distillery

Gourmet mini donuts hand-dipped in whiskey glaze.

17. Fire Roasted Lamb with White Beans and Fennel Salad

By Chef Jeanne Strout, Hunter Sympson, and Justin Martin with Fat Bottom Brewing

Marinated fire-roasted lamb over seasoned white beans and a fennel apple salad.

18. Dry Aged 44 Farms Ribeyes

By Chef John Tesar with Knife Dallas

Bone marrow bordelaise and black winter truffles.

19. Grilled Chicken Taco

By Chef Edgar Victoria with Alebrije Nashville

Grilled chicken, salsa macha, queso fresco, onions, and cilantro.

20. Pork Tacos

By Chef Billy Terrell with The Beached Pig

Pork shoulder with apple slaw, mango and pineapple salsa, dill pickle, a drizzle of homemade sauce, and diced onions.

21. The South Wind

By Chef Brian Kersey and Chris Haston with Stationairy in The Union Station Hotel at the Nashville Yards

Sliced tri-tip on naan, beet burnt ends, cucumber and onion salad, and cilantro. Ingredients supplied by Simpsons Meats.

22. Smoked Duck Drumette

By Chef Joshua Peoples with Deacon’s New South

Smoked duck drumette, tomato glaze and benne seeds. Ingredients supplied by Nashville Jam Company.

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