Everything we ate at Heritage Fire Minneapolis

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire…and flavor!

The nationwide feast gathers the finest chefs, brands, and family farms for an open-fire, outdoor cook-off. The ultimate goal? To earn the title of ‘Heritage Hero‘ by winning over the crowd with an unforgettable dish. Each destination has a unique menu with something for everyone!

Take a closer look at the winning bite from Heritage Fire Minneapolis 2023 – the Kalua Pork Arancini – and 20+ other notable dishes, such as the jerk chicken, and smoked lamb shank.

Images by Darrin Kamnetz.

Heritage Fire Minneapolis Menu

1. Da Aina Kai Plate

By Chef Warren Seta with Ono Hawaiian Plates

Baby back ribs with a Hawaiian-style Liliko BBQ sauce accompanied by North Shore-style garlic shrimp on garlic rice.

2. Cubano

By Chef Brian Jones with JSD Culinary Ventures

Roasted suckling pig, smoked mortadella, waffle pickle, cheese, and mustard sauce. Peterson Craftsman Meats.

3. Turnip Pierogi & Pork-Fennel Sausage

By Chef Zoe Moskowitz & Phill DeKanick with Cooks of Crocus Hill

Turnip pierogi, pork-fennel sausage, garlic scape creme fraiche, carrot kraut. Peterson Meats and Foxtail Farms.

4. Assorted Mini Desserts

By Chef Kevin Lindee with Ganache: Desserts and Confections

Assorted mini tortes, assorted mini verrines, and assorted mini tarts.

5. Del Birria 3 Ways

By Chef Cristian De Leon with El Sazon Tacos & More

Quesa-Birria: Bone marrow salsa, onion, cilantro, lime, salsa verde, and Nixta tortilla.

Churros: Homemade churros with birria fat, guajillo cinnamon sugar, and chocolate ganache.

Birria Fat-Washed Mezcal: Pineapple juice, lime juice, agave nectar, and chapulin spicy salt rim.

6. Hanging Leg of Lamb

By Chef Grant Nelson with W.A. Frost & Company

Hanging Leg of Lamb, coal roasted cauliflower with cauliflower purée and pickled cauliflower. Grapes cooked in the lamb drippings and pickled grapes. Product Provided by American Lamb Board.

7. Hula Pineapple & Coconut Pork

By Chef Brian Ingram with The Apostle Supper Club

72-hour pineapple and whiskey-brined pork, slow-smoked with pineapple, soy, ginger, and garlic. Topped with pineapple, coconut slaw, and jalapeño pickled onions. Peterson Craftsman Meats.

8. Kalua Pork Arancini

By Chef Chris Ikeda with Pau Hana Restaurant + Bar

Comfrey Farms smoked pork shoulder, arborio rice, fontina, and smoked macadamia nut pesto.

9. Lamb Merguez with Moroccan Succotash and Coriander Yogurt

By Chef Francis Taylor O’Brien with Loews Hotel

Moroccan succotash chickpeas, corn, zucchini, and currants shishito harissa.

10. Porchetta ‘a Pururuca (Roasted Crackling Pig)

By Chef Fernando Silva with Fogo Americano Grill by The Harriet Brassiere

Slow-roasted pork stuffed with morel mushrooms, house-made sausage, vegetables, and herbs. Dragsmith Farms.

11. Pork Rib Tips with Street Corn Esquites

By Chef Shaun Holley with The Fabled Rooster

Smoked pork rib tips smothered with sweet mesquite BBQ sauce, toasted sesame seeds, and scallions served with a side of our charred street corn esquites.

12. Pork Shumai Dumpling with Black Sesame Miso

By Chef Brian, Nikki, and Hunter with The Salsa Collaborative

Steamed pork shumai dumpling topped with a pickled pepper caviar over black sesame miso sauce and Thai basil leaves. Minneapolis Farmers Market.

13. Smoked and Chopped Pork Sweet Bun

By Chef Joe Ruhland with Herbie’s on the Park

Slow-smoked duroc pork shoulder and belly, blueberry gochujang jam, cilantro, and mint on a soft pita.

14. Smoked Cam-Bao-Dian

By Chef Chandra Walbolt with B’oun Srei

Carrot steam bun, smoked sausage, pickled papaya, and chili coconut peanut crunchies. Peterson Craftsman Meats and Minneapolis Farmers Market.

15. Smoked Lamb Shank with Bone Marrow

By Chef Michael Shaughnessy with Advellum Vegetable Eatery

Smoked and braised lamb shanks over bone marrow-infused white bean hummus, zhoug (Yemeinte-style salsa verde), grilled pita bread, shaved brussels, and sliced kumquats. Peterson Farms.

16. Stuffed Pork Loin and Smothered Collard Greens

By Chef Mateo Mackbee with Krewe

Fertile acreage pork loin, andouille cornbread stuffing, and smothered collard greens. Fertile Acreage Farm and Dancing the Land Farm.

17. Crispy Iberian Pork Belly With Summer Slaw

By Maadaadizi Culinary Team with Rival House

Crispy skinned fire braised Iberian pork belly with a fresh summer fruit and vegetable slaw.

18. Crème Brulée

By Chef Tony Cullen, Xin Lee, and Seth Teiken with Canterbury Park

Topped with fresh berries.

19. Beef Brisket Burnt Ends

By Chef Evan Plymire with P.S. Steak

Smoked grits, salsa macha, radish slaw, and tequila-glazed pearl onion. Dragsmith Farms.

20. Jerk Chicken

By Chef Bryan Gutierrez with Axe Bridge Wine Company

Jerk chicken with mango slaw, coconut rice, and pigeon peas.

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