Everything we ate at Heritage Fire Austin

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire…and flavor!

The nationwide feast gathers the finest chefs, brands, and family farms for an open-fire, outdoor cook-off. The ultimate goal? To earn the title of ‘Heritage Hero‘ by winning over the crowd with an unforgettable dish. Each destination has a unique menu with something for everyone!

Take a closer look at the winning bite from Heritage Fire Austin – the smoked lamb leg – and 20+ other notable dishes, such as the chili garlic charred carrots, and the smoked boar sausage.

Heritage Fire Austin Menu

1. Lamb Shoulder with Chimichurri

By Chef Kareem Elghayesh with KG BBQ

Sumac & cinnamon lamb shoulder over garlic dill yoghurt sauce topped with spicy mint chimichurri. Superior Farms.

2. Smoked Pork Belly Wonton

By Chef James & Sheena Smith with Smith’s Backyard BBQ

Smoked pork belly served on a crispy wonton with whipped cream cheese, their signature raspberry chipotle sauce, pickled red onion, and parsley. Falcon Lake Farms.

3. Tuna Collar Temaki

By Chef Vaidas Imsha with Uchiba

Grilled tuna collar, boquerones chimichurri, radish, and barrel-aged shoyu. IMP- International Marine Products.

4. Salbute de Pulpo Maya

By Chef Gabe Erales with Bacalar

Maya octopus, recado rojo/negro, salpicon, salsa negra de chile, and chile habanero.

5. “Mojo” Smoked Pork and Sweet Corn Tamal

By Chef Geronimo Lopez with BOTIKA

Garlic “mojo” smoked pork belly and shoulder, sweet corn smoked tamal, house-made crema “criollo” style, local chilies, and red onion pickle.

6. Fire Roasted Masala Lamb

By Chef Joseph Sukhendra with Contigo Catering

Spit roasted masala lamb, ricotta saag, spicy mango pickle, and camp bread. Hausbar Urban Farm.

7. Chili Garlic Charred Carrots

By Chef Joseph Sukhendra with Contigo Catering

Chili garlic charred carrots, saag, and camp bread. Hausbar Urban Farm.

8. Whole Smoked Alligator

By Chef Cody Kidwell with Verdes Mexican Parilla

Whole smoked alligator served in a corn tortilla topped with a chipotle aioli coleslaw and mango chutney. Creole Foods.

9. Texas Iberico Paella

By Chef Laila Bazahm with El Raval

Smoked Iberico pork cheeks, roasted chicken dashi broth, aji aioli, saffron paella rice. Farm to table. Texas Iberico.

10. Agave Carrots and Pork Belly

By Chef Justin Delgado with Hunter Gatherer Hospitality

Agave glazed carrots, pork belly, carrot top salsa verde, chèvre, and pecans. Gundermann farms, Texas Olive Ranch, Goatilicious Dairy, and Berkwood Farms.

11. Smoked Boar Sausage

By Chef Albert Gonzalez with Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden

Smoked boar sausage, crispy salt & vinegar beet root shoestring potato, tomatillo avocado salsa, and whipped goat cheese.

12. Malaysian Coconut Curried Lamb

By Chef Vesh with THEFUZE9 Catering Company

Coconut curried lamb on a flaky homemade paratha bread and spicy mango relish. Sloan Dennis Farm.

13. Charred Mojo Roasted Lamb Bao Bun

By Chef Vesh with THEFUZE9 Catering Company

Mojo rotisserie marinated lamb, pickle radish, apple fennel slaw, crispy chilli. Sloan Dennis Farm.

14. Smoked Lamb Leg

By Chef Francisco Baca with Blind Salamander / Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa

Smoked lamb leg, avocado, naan bread, cucumber relish, and chile Morita salsa. Urban Mikros.

15. Skirt Steak Shawarma

By Chef Andy Knudson with Tillie’s at Camp Lucy

Skirt steak shawarma, Israeli salad, schug, and maamoun’s white sauce. Hudson Meat Market.

16. Sugarcane Cured Pulled Pork

By Chef Damien Brockway with Distant Relatives

Sugar cane cured pulled pork, benne seed bun, cabbage pickles, and pit hot sauce.

17. Roasted Strawberries & Pork Fat Cake

By Chef Krystal Craig & Ian Thurwachter with Intero.

18. Pork Belly Chicharron

By Chef John Bates with InterStellar BBQ

Smoked pork belly, crispy chicharron chip, fire-roasted green chile rajas, and salsa verde. Creekstone Farms.

19. Chilled Noodles with Pork Tomahawk

By Chef Elias Vidal with Alice’s Restaurant at Treaty Oak Distillery

Slow-smoked and grilled pork tomahawk over chilled Korean noodles, fresh herbs, fried garlic, cucumber, pickled daikon and carrots, drizzled with house Asian BBQ sauce. Force of Nature Meats.

20. Pierna de Cerdo Asada

By Chef David DeLeon with Quema Mas Cabron

Smoked Mangalista legs over meqesite and post oak wood served with creamy jalapeño slaw. 840 Farm, Finer Foods Micro Greens, Gourmet Wood Products, and Texas Fungus LLC.

21. Prime Roasted Picanha – The Best Part of The Top Sirloin

By Chef Salazar with SP Brazilian Steakhouse and Bitelo Brazilian Steakhouse

Picanha the best part of the top sirloin accompanied with arroz carreteiro, feijoada and homemade chimichurri sauce.

22. Bourbon Chocolate Mini Cupcakes

By Rose Haven Bakery & Event Venue

Chocolate bourbon pecan cupcakes iced with bourbon browned butter buttercream. And gluten-free vegan bourbon chocolate cupcakes iced with honey bourbon vegan buttercream.

23. Goat Al Pastor Taco

By Chef Rob Snow & Chef Sebastian Lanzetti with Cork & Barrel Craft Kitchen + Microbrewery

Goat al pastor taco with queso fresco, pineapple pico de gallo, salsa verde, and white corn tortilla.

24. Chorizo Verde Grilled Quail

By Chef Aimee Gunter with Ocaso Catering

Served with charred corn and avocado salsa. The vegan version was made with wild mushrooms.

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