Everything we ate at Heritage Fire New York City

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire…and flavor!

The nationwide feast gathers the finest chefs, brands, and family farms for an open-fire, outdoor cook-off. The ultimate goal? To earn the title of ‘Heritage Hero‘ by winning over the crowd with an unforgettable dish. Each destination has a unique menu with something for everyone!

Take a closer look at the winning bite from Heritage Fire New York City 2023 – the ‘Cheesy DACK-ita Crunch’ – and 20+ other notable dishes, such as the smoked and grilled ribeye tacos, and the short rib lettuce wraps.

Heritage Fire New York City Menu

1. Charred Spanish Octopus

By Chef Stephen “Octoman” Fried with Val’s Ocean Pacific Seafood

Charred Spanish octopus, za’atar lemon labneh, pickled onion, and cilantro.

2. Toulouse Style Cassoulet

By Chef Josh Finger with Restaurant Claudine

Hickory smoked poulet rouge chicken confit with stewed cannellini beans, saucisses de toulouse, and bacon. Joyce Farms.

3 . New York Style Whole Animal Hot Dog

By Chef Kimberly Plafke with The Meat Hook

Beef, pork, offal, and blood hot dog with charred onion pickle relish, spicy brown mustard, and kraut on a potato roll. Gibson Family Farm and Kinderhook Farm.

4. Mao’s Bao

By Chef Eddie Mao with Mao’s Bao

Five varieties: pork, chicken with corn, beef with mixed vegetables, lamb with cumin, and ‘Impossibao’ with impossible TM burger, wheat, soy, and mushrooms.

5. Asado Shoemakers Chicken

By Chef Andrew Mercado with Fed Hospitality Group

Smoked chicken and sausage with cherry peppers in a lemon and white wine sauce. Fossil Farms, Aqua Sprout Farm, and Beneduce Vineyard.

6. The Pig Mac

By Chef Dominick Lee with Alligator Pear NYC

New Orleans-style hot sausage, gooey cheese, slap sauce, shrettuce, and Those Crazy Style Big Mac Buns.

7. Cheesy DACK-ita Crunch

By Chef Spencer Coplan with The Deer’s Head Inn

Celery root taco shells, melted Dutch Knuckle cheese, maple smoked pork, crispy Adirondack potatoes, scallion, and pea shoot salsa verde with a smokey pork consommé. Donahue Farms, Juniper Hill Farms, Sugar House Creamery, and Wild Works Farm.

8. Banana Cream Pie

By Chef Gracie Bensimon with Gracie Baked

Layers of pastry cream, dulce de leche, banana slices, and chocolate ganache. Topped with a graham cracker crust crumble.

9. Pork Ribs Pibil

By Chef Karina Garcia with Cocina Consuelo

Grilled pork ribs, burnt pineapple, and habanero salsa. Fellow farmer and Norwhich Meadows.

10. Dylana’s Sweet Treats Bread Pudding Bites

By Chef Dylana DeGannes with Dylana’s Sweet Treats

Vanilla Bourbon Bread Pudding, Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding, and Cinnamon Twist Bread Pudding. Ronnybrook Farms

11. Botifarra Sausage

By Chef Karina Garcia with Cocina Consuelo

Grilled pork ribs, burnt pineapple, and habanero salsa. Fellow farmer and Norwhich Meadows.

12. BBQ Shrimp and Grilled Herb Salsa Verde

By Chef Kyle Eakins and Co with My Friend Told Me About You

BBQ shrimp served with cannellini bean stewed and miso sofrito. Samascot Farms and Sparrow Arc Farm

13. Okra Soup

By Chef Lexis with Lady Lexis Kitchen

Charred okra with stewed tomatoes, smoked neck bones, and roasted corn.

14. Short Rib Lettuce Wraps & Grilled Broccoli

By Chef Christopher Arellanes with KYU

Smoked short rib, yuzu pickles, pickled onions, yakiniku sauce, grilled broccoli, and ginger-scallion condiment.

15. Brown Sugar Torched Mochi with Campfire Meringue

By Chef Kert Lasdoce with The Boiis Co.

Chewy dango (mochi spheres) lightly torched, glazed in kuromitsu (Japanese black sugar), and paired with a torched campfire meringue buttercream.

16. Nasi Uduk

By Chef Wulan Del Valle with Jakarta Munch

Nasi Uduk rice with chicken, mushrooms, or tofu with spicy gulai sauce and savory opor sauce.

17. Kalye Ube Sliders

By Chef Alexis Antonio with Kalye

Kalye pork garlic sausage in coconut vinegar aioli, onion bacon jam, lettuce, swiss cheese, and tomato in an ube bun.

18. Smoked Chicharron

By Chef Ruben Santana with Bark Barbecue

Crispy smoked chicharron accompanied by arroz congri and sweet maduros.

19. Porkstrami Reuben Sandwiches served with Half Sour Pickle

By Chef Cody Sperry & Tyler Hodge with Hoodoo Brown BBQ

Heritage Berkshire pork collar brined like pastrami, cold smoked over oak wood. Served on sourdough rye, with house-made sauerkraut, Russian dressing, and melted cheese.

20. Sweet Plantain Boat

By Chef Yesenia Ramdass with Healthy As A Motha

Sweet plantain boat with vegan beef filling, topped with vegan jalapeno queso and garnished with microgreens.

21. Smoked and Grilled Ribeye Tacos

By Chef Bret Lunsford with Blue Smoke

Smoked and grilled ribeye, creamy coleslaw, grilled pineapple, salsa verde, cilantro, and aleppo.

22. Peach Pie Crust Cookies

By Chef Janie Deegan with Janie’s Life-Changing Baked Goods

Flaky crust, a heavenly layer of filling, and buttery caramelized streusel.

23. Garden State “Pork” Way Pie

By Chef Louis Bayla and Rafael Emilio Ruiz with Grain & Cane and Emilio’s Wood Fire PizzaWood-fired roasted duroc pork, pickled ramps, mozzarella, chili garlic, and basil.

24. Trinidadian Style Geera Chicken Doubles

By Chef Osei “Picky” Blackett with Ariapita

Grilled cumin seasoned chicken thighs on top of a trini-style bara (fried bread) and curried chickpeas.

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